mobile app design is one of the leading online travel booking services in the UK. Their mission is to help people travel independently by giving users a tool for booking and managing their flights, hotels and other travel services worldwide.

    At first I joined the web development team as a Product Designer for their web app. Then I took charge of the  iOS app design.

    Initial designs

    At the time I joined dealchecker, the company had only a web app for booking tickets online. The challenge was to create a MVP app for iOS, providing the tool for travel booking with best user experience.

    This is the first flow that the user will land up. We gave them the option to register before start using the app so they could save their searches and receive notifications of new deals.

    dealchecker app launch flow

    Working alongside the Marketing team as they had a good knowledge of dealchecker’s users and their job stories. Once we established the rough flow, we started to explore it in more detail: How a user would search and book a flight ticket? We looked at each screen in the journey and each step, then refined those steps to make the journey as simple as possible for the user.

    delachekcer app user flow

    Designing dealchecker’s MVP app was a big challenge. I worked closely with Marketing and Developers on the UI flow while meeting all the expectations. We had to get all the things right to deliver great user experience for the app.

    delachecker app
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