Grocery Planner

mobile app design

    (work in progress) Grocery Planner is a personal project I’ve been working on. The app allows users to make a weekly meal plan from recipes. While they plan their weekly meal, a grocery shopping list is automatically generated, having a healthy week and saving money with their grocery shopping.

    Planning the features

    Before diving straight to the designs, I wanted to work on hypotesis and see how useful the app would be for users and if they would ever use the app.

    User research

    As the life always come with high priorities (family, job and other projects) I decided to create an online Google survey and send to my contacts and my contacts sent to their contacts, so I could understand who loves cooking, how they search for recipes and how they plan their grocery list.

    The results really made me excited about the project, highlighting that 75% of the interviewed loves cooking, 75% do Online shopping and 100% hates the queues on the supermarket (who doesn’t?).

    Canvas MVP

    After defining how likely user would use the app, I moved to a more specific phase which is defining the features and the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). That way I knew where exactly what features I should focus initially.

    The tool that I used was the Canvas MVP. The order in which to work on the canvas is as follows:

    1. Problem
    2. Unique Value Proposition
    3. Solution
    4. Cost Structure
    5. Key Metrics (How are we going to test the value proposition?)

    I consider this step very important because, you want to make sure the Product Development team knows the values and how to “make” the product. They know how valuable the product they are making is.

    grocery planner mvp

    Personas & User scenarios

    With all the app features on the road, I was able to prioritise the most important ones to be used on the Beta version (v1.0). To do that I created the use of a persona using the results obtained from the quiz. I defined their Personality, Objectives, Frustrations, Behaviours and their objectives when using the Grocery Planner app.

    grocery planner persona

    From that point I created 2 user scenarios to illustrate how the Grocery Planner app could be used:

    • Scenario 1: Grocery shopping from a nice recipe found on the app for a family lunch on Sunday.
    • Scenario 2: Sharing a good recipe learned from grandma.

    Features for the MVP

    With some User Scenarios defined, it was easy to plan what features I should include initially. To organise them I created a spreadsheet and categorised each feature through its complexity: High, Medium and Low. I also categorised the importance of each feature. The ‘must’ ones were defined as Extremely important while the others were just ‘Important’.

    grocery planner mvp

    User flow

    After finishing with the initial plan for the app, it was time to craft the user flow. When you have the flow, it’s easier to visualise the product on the design phase.

    initial concept
    Initial sketches to plan the login and sign up processes.

    sketch recipe book
    Some features include a custom Recipe book, where the user will be able to add their favourite meal. That will display the ingredients and once the user selects that meal, the ingredients will be added to their grocery shopping list.
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