Videojug Networks

UI/UX Design

    Videojug Networks is a dynamic media-tech business with a compelling proposition in a growing market that connect brands and audiences through original video content. I worked through mockups wireframes and talked about some of the UX problems the current dashboard faced, we got together in a rather swanky London flat and spent the day fighting fires and creating UX solutions.

    The goal

    The goal of the new dashboard was to keep the marketing team up to date with subscriber activity and, ideally, help measure the number of shares and target email marketing. With the new Analytics dashboard on the way, the team identified an opportunity to insert more detailed information about users activity on their platform. Who were the users? Where were they from? We inserted all that data into the new dashboard.

    • Generate and email reports
    • Analyse user data
    • Marketing revenue

    Sketches & Wireframes

    Once we had planned out what we were going to build, the development team was able to start rebuilding the back-end for speed and stability. I started on the UI design in parallel with them, and quickly sketched out some ideas on how the main dashboard page would work.

    videojug wireframe

    videojug wireframes

    Visual design

    The visuals were simple and clean as most of the hard work had been done to create the wireframes. I designed new elements and reused existing table styles to create the report builder section.

    Videojug staff also rated the new Analytics dashboard as simple, clean and easy to use. Currently the project is still growing as new sections are being designed and developed.

    videojug dashboard

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